My desire to have more children led me to be a surrogate and an egg donor. It also led me to contemplate single choice motherhood. I ultimately decided against that, because as I had my consult for a reversal I met my soon to be husband.  It was obvious after a few months that we were to be true partners in life.  That was not something I wished to put aside for a third child. I chose to put it in back burner and to hope that maybe we could have a child in the future.  He has no children. He is the man that you can give a crying baby to and they will calm. He’s the man that everyone assumed would be a dad, and a great one at that.  I’m so hoping that we can have that.  On Wednesday I’m having my tubal reversal, and then we start trying :D. 

We are both of the belief that what we have is beautiful and a child is another blessing on top.  If we aren’t blessed with a child, we will be disappointed but accepting of that it was not willed to be.  I’m 38, and we are giving it 2 years of trying 😉 after that it’s time to move into middle age? And empty nest? At that point my daughters will be 17&19! So almost empty.. Yikes!

Two years to see what happens!