March 17, 2012, I woke up and got ready for what I thought would be another first date for the chapter on dating as I knew and experienced it.  

We met for brunch at my favourite restaurant. Conversation was easy, and interesting, with many things in common, and many things not in common.  As we prepared to finish up we realized there was a St Patrick’s day parade taking place, trapping us there for a little while longer.  On we chatted.  Went so well when we parted we embraced and held on for a good warm hug.  We often joke about it!
Thus began a slow moving journey to love, and all that brought us.  Both divorced, and me with two kids, it took a dance.  A slow dance to test, and learn to trust.  So very very worth it, because it has all been built on solid sure ground.  
Our love is strong, built on trust, a fun compatability, a quiet comfortableness, a intimate sexual connection.  When times come around that require communication we are able to talk, listen, and find common underdstanding.  It is s gift. A gift when I look around I believe some never find.  Thankful only touches at how we feel to have found each other.  
My daughters appreciate and accepted my fella into our family easily.  His unassuming and genuine nature made for a great combination.  They were able to get to know him as they felt comfortable, They broached us marrying before we even did!  
When discussions came around about marrying.  It was agreed that we wanted to be married.  That we wanted that, but not all the other side action related to getting married.  I was against getting engaged, and wanted a super small ceremony, with closest friends and family. Making a group of 15 people.  And almost nobody knowing til after, or just before.  Keeping it special and intimate.  
We are so VERY excited. And so VERY thankful for this time and this gift.